Hennessey and Ingalls

Design an improved flow that takes users through easy search results all to checking out.


3-Week Sprint June 2017

Research and Testing

“Users Feel Uncertain & Overwhelmed From Both The Initial Book Search And The Check-Out Process.”

Interviews, surveys, and market research were conducted to break down habits regarding the navigation systems used for finding and purchasing books, and the time spent getting through each process.

We also explored our user’s desire to either stay or leave the site. We also looked at competitors to see what features they implemented for optimal navigation and easy check-out.


User testing validated that discoverability and check-out process were the two main issues affecting the ease and speed of using the site. To improve discoverability I chose to create more visual stimuli through increased use of images. This helped reduced cognitive-load for the user and allowed them to browse items with minimal effort.

Additionally, in choosing to transform the 8-step check-out process to a 4-page check out process helped condense and create a more bite-sized user flow

Select Process

Below is a selection of process work created for Hennessey and Ingalls over the course of three weeks. These include card sorting, comparative competitive analysis, identifying task flows and creating user flows.

The following process shots include digital renderings of research findings as well as brand development.